Treating Aging Eyes with Fillers and Botox in Wilmington NC with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Deidra Blanks

When we meet people we want them to look at our eyes and when they do, we want them to see wisdom rather than wrinkles.

If you are experiencing fine lines & wrinkles, crow’s feet or dark circles, Dr. Blanks can help you without the need for surgery. A treatment with Botox or a similar product may be just what you need.

Some people experience drooping eye brows and usually Dr. Blanks can help with a treatment of fillers top open your eyes and give you a younger more rested appearance.

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Dr. Deidra Blanks is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon and she focuses on the subtle aspects of your appearance that others will never notice but add up to making you look more youthful and rested.

Botox Wilmington Call (910) 762-1070

Botox Wilmington Call (910) 762-1070

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