How Do Facial Fillers Work?

The ingredient in these fillers has an odd & misleading name “hyaluronic acid.” In reality, HA is a type of sugar that is naturally present in your skin that helps keep it smooth and plump. Have you ever wondered why a baby has such nice “baby smooth” skin, well, they have more HA than adults.

These fillers are the most popular because HA is naturally present and with it we can give you such great results!

Where Can Fillers Be Used?

· Parentheses (Smile) Lines – from the corner of your mouth up to your nose
· Corner Lines – at the corners of your mouth
· Marionette Lines – between your mouth and chin
· Vertical Lip Lines – the vertical lines often caused by smoking or drinking from a straw
· Cheeks – as we age, we lose volume in our cheeks & that can thankfully be corrected too

How Long Does it Take?

After your free initial consultation, it takes approximately 20 minutes to administer the fillers and they improve your appearance instantly.

Dr. Blanks participates in the Brilliant Distinctions Rewards Program so you can save even more money!


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