Nonsmoker? You’re Still at Risk for Around-The-Mouth Wrinkles

Fine Lines and Wrinkles treated by Plastic Surgeon in Wilmington NC -Dr. Deidra BlanksI wanted to share and interesting article about potentially preventing those fine wrinkles around our mouths.

  • Smokers are known to develop fine lines around their mouths from years of contracting the muscles of the lips in a specific way
  • Just as smokers frequently purse their lips when smoking, people who consistently use straws and drink from water bottles may develop similar lines
  • While staying hydrated is crucial for staying healthy and keeping that healthy appearance, perhaps drinking from a cup when it is convenient would be a good idea

If you already have those characteristic smoker’s lines we can help with fillers and other treatments.

Here is the whole blog post       from John Alexander II, MD in case you would like to read it.