As we age, our bodies go through normal processes which frequently lead to us looking more tired, or even older than we are. The eyes, it has been said, are the doorways to the soul. They also are one of the first things that other people notice about us, and one of the first parts of our face to show visible signs of aging: especially the under eye area which can become puffy and dark.

neotensil™: Shapewear for the eyes

Living Proof neotensil™ is a non-surgical way to change the way that our eyes show age. The three-step application process is not time-consuming, involves no needles and can give you visible results within hours. Say goodbye to those bags under your eyes!

Clients|Living ProofDeveloped by chemists working in close contact with dermatologists, neotensil™ puts you in charge. If you are interested in how to start using this wonderful product, simply make an appointment and DermOne Plastic Surgery will be more than happy to show you how to use it and get you on the right track to putting your best face forward.


Neotensil_BeforeAfter_Portal_4-300x177This image shows you the results you can achieve by applying Living Proof neotensil™ to your cleansed under-eye skin. The photo is not retouched, nor is the client wearing much makeup, other than mascara.



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